Dear Readers,

As I woke to the sound of my neighbor using a power tool, I didn’t immediately think that it was Easter. My first thoughts were that the noise wasn’t my favorite, and a small trail of similar grumblings followed.

I got up, and worked on cleaning my home for the Easter meal that we planned to make, and still didn’t feel much of the spirit of the day.

What I did feel was a need to move the furniture in my living room. Desperately.

I needed a change, and I needed it now.

The couch needed to go over there, the love seat and the table needed to tango around and switch places, the floor needed to be swept, the printer table and lamp tables needed to move around, and it all needed to happen right now.

And I turned the rug sideways—cheekily, I might add.

And now as I sit here, smelling the candle I lit to help the room smell nice, I think about how nice it is that I can change my life.

When I feel the urge, I can get up, grab a broom, and my beautiful companion comes alongside me to bring some amazing change into my life.

So, I may not have felt an overwhelming desire to decorate baskets, and I (sadly) missed the Easter pageant that happens just a mile away from my house, but I think this year I found Easter in change.

I found a love for new beginnings, for new opportunities, and the amazing power we have to make our own lives unique and beautiful, simply by being who we are—our imperfect, yet striving selves, working to make this world a little better and brighter than it was before.

Happy Easter~